10 Common Google Play Store Error Codes and How to Fix them


Have you ever find an interesting application and try to download it, only to receive a cryptic error message containing seemingly random numbers from the Google Play Store (Google Play Store Error)?

Pretty annoying, right? Here are some of the most common Google Play Store errors, what they mean, and how to solve them.

Google Play Store error codes and how to fix them

The solutions for the errors described below are based on the experiences of the Android PIT editors. If you encounter any other problems with Google Play, feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

Note: you’ll see that many of these solutions have steps in common, e.g. clearing cache and data of Google services. If you don’t see your code in this list, it may still be worth troubleshooting using one of these solutions anyway.

10 Common Google Play Store error codes and how to fix them

1. Google Play – Error DF-BPA-09 ‘Error Processing Purchase’

Google Play Error Processing Purchase DF-BPA-09 happens quite often when trying to download an app.

This problem won’t go away if you simply try downloading again, so you’ll need to go into the settings. 


The problem is not due to individual users, but comes from Google Play itself, so we’re hoping it will be fixed in the near future. In the meantime, here is what you can do:


  • Go into the Settings of your device
  • Tap on Apps or Applications Manager (the name varies depending on your device).
  • Swipe to the All colum.
  • Scroll down until you see Google Services Framework
  • Finally, choose Clear data and then OK.

If this doesn’t work, go on to the Google Play site on your PC and install the app that is giving you issues on your smartphone or tablet from there. When you go back to your device, the install should work.

2. Google Play – Error DF-BPA-30

The cause of this error comes from Google servers themselves. First, we should tell you that waiting is a good idea, but other solutions work for some users.


  • Open the Google Play Store on the web (use a PC, for example)
  • Then choose an application to install on your Android, which should logically send you the infamous error 
  • Get back on your smartphone and try the download, which should now be operational again
  • Otherwise, you can try to delete the data or clear the cache of “Google Play Services”.

3. Google Play – Error DF-DLA-15

Downloading an update or an application may fail with this error.


The first thing to do is to clear the cache and data of the Play Store app.

To do this,

  • Go into the Settings
  • Tap Applications and look for the Play Store
  • You can then delete the cache and data

On some smartphones, you must enter the Storage tab to see this option. 

This should fix the problem, but if it persists, you have to go to your account settings and delete your phone’s Google account. Once you’ve done that you just need to re-add it.

4. Google Play – Error rh01

Error retrieving information from server.


  • Go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store and
  • Select both Clear data and Clear cache
  • Do the same for Google Services Framework.

Second solution

  • Remove your Gmail account
  • Restart your device and then
  • Re-add your Gmail account.

5. Google Play – Error rpc:s-5:aec-0

Error retrieving information from server.


  • Go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store and
  • Select Clear cache and Uninstall updates.
  • Do the same for Download Manager and Google Services Framework.

6. Google Play – Error retrieving information from server

This error message often appears when updating or downloading an app. Google’s servers are unable to retrieve information from your Google account.

You can delete and re-register, but wait a few hours to see if the problem persists first. Sometimes it’ll just take care of itself.


Go to the Settings > Accounts > Google ‘to delete your Google Account’

Once this is done, you must reboot your device, then re-synchronize the account

Finally, open the Settings > Applications > All > Google Services Framework. Inside, you must click Options ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Force Stop’

7. Google Play – Error BM-GVHD-06

This error appears when you want to use a Google Play card. The problem seems to exist in several countries.


First, try restarting your device and try using the card again.

If the problem persists, go to Settings > Applications > Play Store > Force Stop > Uninstall updates.

The Play Store will then return to its original version and the problem should be gone.

8. Google Play – Error rpc:aec:0>

You can’t download an app.


  • Remove your Google account.
  • Remove all synced accounts.
  • Go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store and
  • Select Clear data.
  • Restart your device and try again.

9. Google Play – Error RPC:S-3

Can’t download an app.


Remove Google account and re-add it, or try an alternate account.

10. Google Play – Error authentication required

Strangely, this problem is quite common on Android devices. But rest assured, we have three possible solutions to deal with it. One of these tips should hopefully resolve your problem.


  • Enter the Accounts tab in the settings of your phone.
  • Then remove your Google account and add it again.
  • If everything works fine after, then it was a simple error that’s sometimes displayed after an update.

Second Solution

  • Go into your Settings
  • Tap Application manager
  • Then go into the Google Play Store. Delete the data from this menu (you can also clear the cache)

As said earlier, if your problem is not listed here, you can use one of the steps listed above. Hopefully one will work for you.

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