11 Old and New Tips to Make Money Online (Categorized)


The topic “Tips to Make Money Online” will always be trending because each day, millions of people, both students and workers search the web daily to discover both the old and new ways to make extra income.

Tips to make money online

Money is life. Even in the Bible, there is comparison between what really comes first to what is destroying our world between Money, Woman and Power.

To me, I believe it’s Money, because it commands all. To play along with Woman, you need Money, even to get the best position in the world which will give you that Power, you need to spend Money.

So to me, I believe Money controls all, as the Bible says, “Money is the root of all Evil”

That is why on every New and Old Multi Niche blogs, you must see the topic “Tips to make Money Online” updated time to time.

So today, I bring to you 11 Old and New Tips to Make Money Online. Let get going


11 Old and New Tips to Make Money Online

Making Money via Surveys

It is not new that taking Online Surveys is the easiest way to make Money online.

Though with this method, you won’t earn much, but it’s the easiest, and we’ll assured method of making money.

The following Survey website are the trusted and tested websites I have received some money from taking surveys

1. Switched On Africa

I recommend Switched On Africa because here I made 56% of the Money I have ever made from Survey.

They sent their rewards with Sure Gifts company where the Coupon Code would be delivered to you. At Sure Gifts, you can use the Coupon Code to pay your bills, recharge airtime or pay for your DStv subscription.

Join Switched On Africa here

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a survey website that based outside Nigeria. In fact, they did not support opening accounts from Nigeria.

But with the help of VPN apps, I am able to change my IP address and open account with them.

On Swagbucks, you take surveys and earn SB. They paid via various payment method. So you will surely see a medium to withdraw your Money.

For people from Nigeria and other unsupported Countries, you can withdraw via Gift Card or PayPal.

Their conversion varies but generally, 1000 SB = $10.

Join Swagbucks here

3. Questia

Questia is a survey company that mainly base and operates in Nigeria. Questia is another great website you can go to if you want extra income.

On Questia, you answer surveys for points (80 points) per survey answered. Or you can also be invited to participate in profiles survey which gives you 3-5 tickets.

Tickets allowed you to participate in the weekly draw of N50,000. You can also convert your points to raffle tickets (when you have up to 200 points) or convert them to N25,000.

The only stain Questia has is, there is no FAQ for how many points you need before you can convert them to the N25,000.

Join Questia here

Making Money via Your Little Investment.

I know what you expect is to see all tips as a free methods to make Money online. But what I want you to know is nothing is free.

Because, to take surveys,

  • You need data
  • You need time
  • Your smartphone must be present

So all this are some investment in one way or the other. We don’t count on it because we believe it’s one thing we must have, data is life

When you invest time and data, you earn little. Imagine you invest some capital, time and data, then you earn a lot, that’s why we have to take a look at the below options.

4. Chateko

Chatekois a Facebook that pays. They have almost all the features Facebook possess.

The only difference they have is the ability to pay you for using their website.

To make the most out of Chateko, you have to Upgrade to Premium which starts from N2,000. With the upgrade, you get your account verified.

You can join the program here

5. TracerWealth

Are you looking to be a share holder and make money for yourself on daily basis?? If yes, TracerWealth is the answer.

On this platform, you invest in Companies who needed urgent money to expand their productions. Their returns vary to what the companies can pay. Some are ready to pay you 118% daily while some will pay 157% daily.

All you have to do is create your account, and find the perfect company who meets what you want and invest.

Note: Before investing, make sure you confirm how real the Company is by Checking on Google and probably Bing.

Join TracerWealth here

6. Jamalife Helpers Global Limited

Jamalife Helpers Global Limited is a business opportunity brought to African Countries in the aim to curb poverty.

Jamalife is an MLM program based on invitation and direct down lines. The business is aim on investing people to be your down line and you earn from them doing so.

With as low as $5 or N2,000 you can Jam a New Life, and earn Money Jamaliciously.

Read more about Jamalife here

To join this business, mail me directly with [email protected] and I will give you directions on how to join.

Making Money via Bitcoin Mining

Everybody today knows what Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining is and knows what it’s value is. If this is your first time, you can check out my article on What is Bitcoin Mining and How you Can earn Bitcoin.

7. Freebitco.in

Freebitco is a bitcoin software where if you are lucky enough, you can make $200 every hour.

Every hour on this websites, you earn from 0.0000023 to 0.1 BTC by rolling the number wheel. What you win is determined by what number you rolled.

Read my article on 6 tricks to Earn Money from Freebitco

8. Freedoge.co.in

This website is just a copy of Freebitco. The only difference is they operate on Dodgecoin, and per hour, you can earn $150, if you’re lucky.

Join Freedoge.co.in here

Making Money via Testing.

Did you know you can make money by testing Websites, Apps, Foods and Products.

Yes, you can. There are lots of websites who offer you the opportunity but am listing only one here because that’s the only one have tested and believed in.

9. UTest

UTest is a premium and free website where members are opportunist to apply for paid testing programs that matches their profile.

To be a qualified tester on UTest, you have to be rated, learn how. To get rated, apply for their Academy Course which gives you qualification on what paid testing programs you will be invited to.

I prefer UTest because their Academy Course won’t eat up your time if you know what you’re doing.

Their website is also easy to navigate And understand.

Join UTest here

Make Money predicting Football

I hope you haven’t think of Betting??? You don’t have to because this option is not about betting.

10. Statarea

Statarea is a sport prediction website that gives you analysis on Football matches and also gives you possible outcome.

At the same time, Statarea gives you opportunity to Earn up to $100 per month predicting the outcome of highlighted matches.

You can read more about Statarea here or read how to make your first $100 on Statarea

11. Superbru

Superbru is a sports predicting community sponsored by Supersport. They give you opportunity to win up to N22.5M when you predict all 10 Matches of a Premier League correctly.

Read more about Superbru here


There are many others ways to Earn Money Online but I listed this few here because I participated in all.

I will keep updating this post as I discovered more genuine ways to make money. Stay tuned for more interesting articles.



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