Shelaf Blogger Beacon (Understanding the Basic of Blogger)

shelaf blogger beacon

You have it in mind that one day, you will have your experiences, bunch of knowledge, ideas, (counting…) published online for people to read and in return make yourself some money, but you do not know how to get started. Don’t worry, is not odd; is something that is very normal. I was once like that, but with little and increased effort I got everything right and going.

Here comes the business of writing and making money! Yeah, the official name is “Blogging”.  Now I wouldn’t go straight by telling you that I have written a million dollar eBook, but will first say that blogging is all about having love and passion for it. You can read all the best selling eBooks on creating and monetizing a blog, but may never make it blogging if you do not have the passion and patience for it.

If you are this person that will work and patiently wait for results, this eBook is for you, but if you are not, my advice is you try looking elsewhere.

Now why do I sound like this? You need not even create a blog be it free or paid if you do not have the passion for it. It won’t be wise to create a blog and allow it to die in the later future (those are just pieces of advice anyway) Okay, enough of this talk, let’s get to business…

About His Free Blogger eBook

Shelaf eBook “Blogger’s Beacon for Newbies” is a Blogger free eBook that teaches on how to create and monetize a free blog. I am delighted to inform you of my first free eBook on blogging. Okay, let’s see what the content has to offer:

Table of Content

  • Where to get a free blog (
  • How to set up your blog
  • How to generate the address for your free blog
  • How to choose a template for your blog
  • How to write, preview, save and publish a blog post
  • How to add labels (categories) to your blog posts
  • How to schedule blog posts
  • How to insert links inside blog posts
  • How to change font size, color, style of blog posts
  • How to add image to your blog posts
  • How to configure basic settings for your blog
  • How to configure “posts and comments” settings of your blog
  • Understanding Blogger layout
  • List of Blogger gadgets you can add to your blog
  • How to add HTML codes to your blog using HTML/Javascript gadget
  • How to add “Recent comments”, “Recent Posts” to your blog
  • How to customize Blogger template with Template Designer
  • How to adjust width, change background and change layout of your template
  • How to make HTML changes to your blog
  • How to find a specific code in your blog HTML
  • How to back up and restore your blog template
  • How to activate Blogger mobile template
  • How to create navigation tabs e.g “About Us”, “Contact Us” tabs etc.
  • How to link navigation tabs to labels(categories)
  • How to register for Google Adsense
  • How to log out of the Blogger dashboard
  • Ways you can monetize a blog
  • How to get traffic for your blog
  • Resources and recommendations for blogger

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