SuperBru can change your story.

Superbru can change your story, yes it can.

Superbru is a free online prediction game. It mainly base on giving you the opportunity to test your sport prediction capabilities by predicting the correct outcome of a match and challenging people around the world. Players of this online based game is called “Bru”

Superbru covers over 26 country and is played by more than 1M+ people around the world. Superbru covers more than 80% of the today’s sports competition including the popular Champions League and Premier League.

competition and pending picks

Why play Superbru??

Here are some possible reasons why you should try Superbru; 

  • Support the most common and popular countries you can think of 
  • Display both local and international competitions. Like Champions League, Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, even including South Africa League. The only popular competition not presently supported is Europa League.
  • Pools, or maybe groups in your language. This is like a in-game competition to display best performance. 
  • Certificate for outstanding performance.
  • DSTV integration. Superbru works in partner with the DSTV company where you can link your Card and also scoop some rewards for yourself

Any reward??? 

Yes. The England Premier League is hosted for rewards on Superbru. Other competition are also hosted for rewards, but if you want a life changing opportunity, England Premier League is the answer.

Bru’s winning

It’s no doubt that England Premier League is the hardest League to predict in terms of Correct Scores. But one of our Bru, Jack managed to scoop a whooping $850 making 8 exact scores. You too can. 

Every game week, where 10 matches is played in the Premier League, rewards is included for all Superbru players who correctly predict 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 correct score. Here is the division of prices in Naira.

premier league prices

As seen from the image above,

7 exact scores give N225,000 or $617.28

8 exact scores give N450,000 or $1,234.57

9 exact scores give N4,500,000 or $12,345.68

10 exact scores give N22,500,000 or $61,728.39

Conversion rate, $1 = N364.5

N= Nigerian naira, $ = US dollar

Apart from England Premier League rewards, you can also make some money by just linking your DSTV Decoder, or card to Superbru andmake the highest subscription for the season.

How to play. 

That’s the easiest thing to learn and know. Superbru’ official website is one of the top websites easy to navigate.

Click here to register a Superbru account using your Google account, Facebook or DSTV account.

Register for your preferred competition and make your picks. Wishing you good luck in your gaming.

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