5 Things Young Men Should Avoid

I dig deep into people’s lifestyle, studying how our today’s society is. This results in me, today, bringing to you 5 things young men should avoid.

5 things young men should avoid

Most wealthy people you know in the society today all had their struggling days; except you were born with a silver spoon.

It is nothing to be ashamed of because as the Bible puts it: ‘Do not despise the days of humble beginnings’. One true fact is that you won’t even remember your struggling days when you finally attain success.

If you were born with wooden or no spoons at all, you need not despair. Success is not only achieved by physical strength; it also has to do with your mental strength.

Your level of rational thinking matters a lot, for without it, your physical strength will be equivalent to pouring water into a basket. I believe you know what that means.

Below are 5 things young men should avoid as a struggling bachelor:


It’s not a bad idea to visit a bar for one or two bottles of drink occassionally (that’s if you drink).

What is killing is when you make it a habit to be there everyday to oblige your urge for alcohol! These spots are pocket-drainers for struggling guys. At the end of the day, you’ll discover that you’ve not been able to meet most of your important needs.

Why? Your habit is draining your meagre resources at the expense of self-development.


Once you entangle yourself in this unfavourable market where deposits are allowed but no withdrawals, you can be completely compared to a fly that’s entangled in a spider’s web! If you spend N20,000 monthly on prostitutes and your monthly income is N40,000, my brother, your future is not brighter than the back of a cooking pot!


(Apology to Phyno aka Eze Nnunu). If you can afford a phone of N280,000 for your girlfriend without waving, very fine.

After all, we give in love. Bro, but not when you are struggling. There’s a time for all things. Leave these set of people for those who are already comfortable, rich or have enough to throw around.

Life is not and has never been a competition. You too will get there if you strive. Don’t be fooled by flashy appearance. Women are created with brains too; they can work and take care of their needs.

Don’t kill yourself to make a woman look super fly while you are struggling to survive. It makes no sense, for tides and times come and go. Let whoever you are with know your present state.

The good ones will encourage you but the materialistic ones…hmmm. That doesn’t mean you should be stingy; give freely but let it be within your means. Give with no intention to receive.


This has never been a helpful friend to struggling guys. What will it profit a struggling guy if he spends N2,500 for a bottle of beer in club, knowing fully well that the neighbourhood shops sell same for N200?

The kids who spend lavishly right in the club or elsewhere trust their account balance. Trying to compete with them is useless.

“My brother, na you go still go house go cry!” Regret is a personal thing. Nobody regrets with you Ogbeni, experience na the best teacher but to learn from another man own go make you escape paying the high tuition fee.


Just like patronizing call-girls (Point 2 above), engaging yourself in multiple affairs as a struggling guy is a fatal blow that can slow your progress.

Apart from wasting resources, you will become less focused.

My brother, wetin you dey find go Sokoto dey inside your Shokoto o! Even if she’s a ‘village girl’, you can ‘package’ her as far as you both love and understand each other.

Look for an understanding and emotionally mature girl to date; she must also be engaged in something worthwhile. Stop running after these little slay queens! They’d rather prefer a yahoo-yahoo guy to you.


Everybody hates the truth because it’s naked. A word is enough for the wise.

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