6 Best Flight Simulator Games for Your Device

There are a ton of great games available for Android. But this post is about Android Flight Simulator games, speed games attained by flight.

Best Flight Simulator Game

Many people after getting tired of my constant bickering about how great Android is ask, “Can your Android make you fly?”. And I say, yes kind sir! You can fly with the best Android Flight Simulator Games available now on the Google Play Store.

Thankfully the Android Flight Simulator Games are not that hard to learn. Most of the games come with elaborate tutorials to guide you on flying the Copters and Planes

Best Flight Simulator Games for Your Device

1. Infinite Flight Simulator

infinite flight

Want to fly nice looking aircraft? With Infinite Flight Simulator you can do that with ease. The app brings a fully featured flight simulator to your Android device and offers some great experiences. The price you pay for this experience clearly shows in the app itself.

The aircrafts are meticulously designed and rival their real world counter parts in details. The app allows you to experience flight on a portable device like never before. Details like weight, balance configuration, time, weather conditions and other factors, all play a role in the game.

The only downside is that the game still offers in-app purchases (IAPS). I feel that once I pay for an app, it should offer everything, including updates.

Infinite Flight Simulator is already a bit on the expensive side and still there are IAPS in it. It’s a great but an overall expensive flight experience for Android.

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2. Air Navy Fighters

air navy fighter

This one is a simplified Android flight which will keep you on your toes. This is not really a simulator per say but does involve some aspects of that genre.

I only included this because some may want to fly military fighter jets which can actually engage in combat.

The graphs are OK but the gameplay is very well done especially if you consider the touch screen controls.


  • A great weather condition generation system.
  • Different time of day is included.
  • The tutorials are comprehensive.

Notable Feature:

The app successfully mixes simulation with arcade action. If you are looking for some action with real life jets, get this game.

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3. PicaSim

pica sim

Now this is something extremely useful. I remember crashing my drone into a tree months back, i nearly cried sha. If I had this free Android flight simulator game back then, I would have practiced on it before actually flying.

This app which may sound like a mash between Pokémon and The Sims is actually a really neat remote controlled aircraft simulation. The controls and the responsiveness of the planes are really close to the real experience.


  • Light graphics which can run on lesser devices too.
  • Comes with advanced mechanics and controls.
  • The app has multiple viewing angles.

Notable Feature:

Even though the graphics are not taxing on the hardware, some of the locations are actually quite stunning. The app really nails the experience of flying your own RC plane or drone out in the open.

The free version of this Android Flight simulator game is completely ad-free, which is a great thing on its own. The paid version however comes with races, some extra planes including a quad copter and new terrains.

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CHAOS Combat Copters is the only app which features a lot of copters on the top Android flight simulator games list. I had to include this app not because it is a simulation but because there are some awesome looking choppers in there.

The app is less simulation and more arcade action but the tilt controls combined with great looking copters make it a treat to play. The app comes with realistic and highly detailed helicopter models from top manufactures.


  • Real world locations to fly over.
  • Comes with 8 training missions.
  • Highly detailed statistics and combat achievements.

Notable Feature:

The game has some mechanics which are only found in best RPG games for Android. You can upgrade and improve your helicopters as you go making the overall experience much more rewarding.

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5. X-Plane 9

x plane 9

One of the good Android Flight simulator games around, X-Plane 9 takes the simulation seriously. The app comes with everything you expect from a competent flight simulator app for your device.

The app is a gold standard for accurate flight simulation which offers features which make the flying as realistic as possible on a mobile device.

One of the most surprising things I found about the game is that it features simulated system failures, a feature which is missing from other games of this nature.


  • Comes with 10 free aircrafts.
  • Fly at day, night, dusk or dawn.
  • Fling in different weather conditions.

Notable Feature:

The developers of the app are really responsive. They even urge you to call or email them if you run into any problems.

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6. Flight Simulator

flight simulator

This last app on the list is about flying planes and landing them (yeah really). But there is a slight twist in the general formula.

Do you remember that awful Superman 64 video game? If not, Google it and it will show up as one of the worst videogame in history.

This game follows a similar path of going through rings but the tilt controls makes the experience much better. The simulation is only there when taking off or landing, the rest is arcade fun all the way.


  • Controls are fairly well implemented.
  • Level ends when you actually park the aircraft.
  • Simplistic simulation elements keep things simple.

Notable Feature:

It’s a relatively small app. The graphics are OK at best but the app will run on almost any Android device easily.

I hope these apps will satisfy your desire to fly. I know these are not as elaborate as the simulators available on PC but hey they still do a pretty decent job

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