9 Things To Consider Before Buying a Smartphone


People often complain after buying Smartphone because they forgot to apply Things to consider before buying a Smartphone .

9 things to consider before buying a smartphone

The new mobile phones are not meant for talking for phone only. Now adays, there is a very meager gap of time between the ideation and execution.

A smartphone loaded with features actually offers convenience of doing everything a person the moment he plans.

For example, the moment a person has thought of a road trip, there is navigation available for him to find the route and hit it.

The users want every application on their mobile phones that helps them look smart and relevant to the present times.

So, here are some tips that can help you stay ahead when buying a mobile phone.


Things to Consider before buying A Smartphone

1. Battery Life

A mobile phone is a piece of garbage without an amply charged battery. Applications also eat up battery and so, one need to have a strong battery support system on his gadget to make the device useful in actual sense.

A 3,000mAh battery or above does not require recharging so frequently. Also, user practices such as power-saving habits are also essential for making the optimal use of battery.

2. Operating System

Smartphones need a sound operating system. Android 8.0 is the latest to sought after feature in the handset.

It is capable of conserving the battery optimally with its numerous features.

However, if you are not an application freak to the point of a maniac, Android 6.0 is also a good deal. However we now have 8.1 and 9.0 which are the latest

3. Camera quality

Well, this is a dicey bargain. A 16MP camera may sometimes not give the quality as delivered by a 13MP camera, as the art lies in auto-focus feature or the way the user clicks the picture.

Also, some mobile phones are carrying two rear cameras. This is also a good option to consider when you want wide angle or optional depth.

4. 4G compatibility

Yes, this is quite a useful question to ask as many of the network service providers have upgraded their services to 4G.

5. Expandable Memory

You certainly require more memory for storing downloads, or for making processing faster.

Micro SD card slot, therefore, is a desirable feature in an Android phone. It helps keeping the smartphone fast in speed and fabulous in execution.

6. Storage size

Users need a lot of space to store files, download and run applications or store and sync photos etc.

Android phone comes with added memory and external memory slot allowing the user to store whatever he needs or wants.

7. Aesthetics

Who doesn’t want his phone to look classy and fabulous? Good quality phones come in magnificent colors such as pink, black, silver etc.

Aesthetics are one of the charming quotients that make a smartphone desirable.

8. Type of processor used

This is also important because the processor will determine how well the phone keeps application u minimise and how well it will run some certain apps. e.g asphalt 9 only runs on devices with 2.0ghz at the least.

9. Ram size

Of course this is also important because it determines how smooth and fast the phone will run and how well u can install apps

It is also important to keep an eye on the marketing and promotional schemes when you are buying a smartphone.

There are big discount seasons all around the year which you must be aware of to win your best gadget at a throwaway price.

So, keeping check on sites like Jumia, that is a good idea as they offer discounts up to 85% off.



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