6 Common Smartphone Hacks you Really don’t Know Existed.


Did you know that there are some Common Smartphone Hacks or tricks very easy to solve but you omitted them and don’t really know how to go about it.

Common smartphone hacks

I am at work one faithful afternoon like that when my superior, a Lance Corporal, called me that he has a problem on his phone (they believed I can solved anything concerning Android phones).

He explained he forgot his account password. So I asked him,

  • Can you log in? He says Yes.
  • Did you save the password? He says Yes.

Then he says his Chrome browser is only showing dots. Then I understand where his password is. So this bring me to compiling this article of which I believed will be helpful to someone.

Here in this post, I will be showing you some common things you wish to do on your Mobile phone but find difficult to or don’t know where they really are.

Common Smartphone Hacks you Really don’t Know Existed.

1. How to Recover Lost password on Google Chrome browser (If Saved).

Yes on Google Chrome browser, you can save your passwords or it will be easy for you to log in next time you come back to the site.


But I will advise you to know how to make your Android as secure as possible. So that Hackers won’t steal your informations.

So, here is how to recover your saved passwords on Google Chrome browser

1.1: Click on the 3 dots on the top right corner of your browser (android).

common smartphone hacks

1.2: Click on Settings

common smartphone hacks

1.3: Click on Passwords

common smartphone hacks

1.4: Select the account you want to view the saved password

common smartphone hacks

1.5: Click on the Eye button

common smartphone hacks

1.6: Confirm your Security and the saved password will be visible

2. How to Confirm the Security of the Website you are browsing

I can also say this is how to know the SSL issuer of the current website you are browsing or how secure the website is.

Security of the website or blogs you browse is very important so as to know how secure you are before doing any crucial things.

Secure blogs and website always have a Closed Padlock at the top left corner. I mean,

common smartphone hacks

To check the Company that issued the SSL certificate, follow this simple steps.

2.1: Click on the Closed Padlock

common smartphone hacks

For fuhrer information, click on Certificate Information.

3. How to View Trending Apps on Google Play Store

In this tutorial, you will get to know how to see the tending (presently most downloaded) apps on Google Play Store so you can stay updated.

3.1: Open Google Play Store

common smartphone hacks

3.2: Select Top Charts from the Homepage

common smartphone hacks

Scroll Left or Right to see trending apps and games

4. How to Set or Remove Wallpaper on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, owned by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, is one of the most used social media app.

With the popularity of this app, there are some minor things you can do of which you don’t know. So let go and set wallpaper to our Chats.

4.1: Open WhatsApp application and click on the three dots at the top right corner

common smartphone hacks

4.2: Click on Settings

common smartphone hacks

4.3: Click on Chats

common smartphone hacks

4.4: Click on Wallpaper

common smartphone hacks

4.5: Choose where your desire picture is or take one with the camera

common smartphone hacks

And if you have selected a wallpaper before and you are want to remove it, just click on No Wallpaper

5. How to Remove last Seen and Blue Mark after Message is read on WhatsApp

Yes, you can make your WhatsApp account confusing and safe. I mean your friends won’t know the last time you log in and when you read their messages.

Note: It’s vise versa, if they don’t know yours, you won’t know theirs. So, let get going

5.1: Follow Sub topic 4.1 to 4.2. On 4.3, click Account, and click on Privacy.

common smartphone hacks

5.2: Now, select your preferred option to modify.

common smartphone hacks

6. How to Activate Messenger Chat Head

Did you know you can be watching Videos, playing games and still reply to Chats from Facebook???

Yes, with the help of Chat Head, you can do that without leaving your game or video, I mean something like this

common smartphone hacks

Some people do complain that they have it activated before but after Update, it disappears. So here is your solution.

6.1: Open the Messenger App and click on your account at the top left corner

common smartphone hacks

6.2: Scroll down to chat head and switch it on

common smartphone hacks

Very simple.

I know some people are already familiar with this hacks while some are seeing this for the first time.

Did you have anything you want to know about Android Smartphone you wish to know and it not listed here, use the comment box and I will add it here.


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