Rocking Soccer



Rocking Soccer is an intelligent browser based Online Football Manager from the authors of Rocking Rackets. This game gives you the Best Feeling of being a Football Manager. Have you ever been looking for a way to Manage a Football Club? Rocking Soccer is a great platform for you.

Why play Rocking Soccer?
Rocking Soccer is the new Online Football Manager from the authors of Rocking Rackets. I will recommend Rocking Soccer to people like me who loves to play Browser Based Online Games because

1. Smooth Display.
This game so far as been the best I have ever played. The display and site build up is one thing that interests me a lot. The creation of the website is well organised and advanced to suit you perfectly. Reading on this site will never be a problem to you.


2. Popularity
This New game is getting so popular that it’s getting the lead on popular Web game listings like Apex Web Gaming, BBOBG, Browser Morg, and others.

3. Tournaments
This game makes everything about it real. They have exactly the same number of League participants on Reality as in the game, I.E England has 20, Germany has 18. Teams who make the top of their Country table also qualify for International competition like CAF Champions League for Africans, Europe Champions League for Europe and others.


4. Building of Facilities
Facilities like Stadium, Scout Office, Office, Youth Center, Training Complex, Museum, Fanshop, Catherine and Health Center. Facilities are also upgraded to give your team the best. Youth Center is upgraded to be Youth Academy from level 11 and Training Complex is upgraded to Football Academy from level 11 also.


5. Transfer Activity
Transfer can be made at the start of New Season and between the Season. Loaning of youth players to other clubs is also allowed in this game.


6. Multiple Countries
Rocking Soccer has almost all the country present on Earth. You can never complain of not seeing your own country.

You can get fined or get banned in the game if some certain rules are broken like Match Fixing and others. As long as you keep to the rules, you are good to go on your Managing Career.

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