SHOCKING!! Groom In Tears, Cancels Wedding After Discovering Bride Is Pregnant For Ex Lover


A lady, Sandra Gold Ibeh took to facebook to share this shocking news. Read below.

“Sad news I just got this morning. Already prepped for this wedding only to get a cal from the groom that the wedding is cancelled. I mean, it’s like a movie to me because I spoke with this guy on the 20th he came into the country and he was excited about this wedding.

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What happened? At his mother’s house yesterday during the final preparation, his wife to be collapsed, they rushed her to the hospital and it qas discovered that she is pregnant. He’s been away on a course since October but she is 7 weeks pregnant according to the doctor.

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Three hours later, she came back online to share the concluding part of her hocking tale. She said:

“Update on the pregnant bride: She actually fell pregnant with her ex, who is married too. She apologized that her ex may have drugged her drink when he invited her over to apologize for cheating whilst they were dating.

She said when she woke up naked on the bed with him and can’t remember what happened. Both families are still deliberating whether to accept her back or not but wedding didn’t hold and monies spent may not be recovered.


It is painful but I feel for her. I think he should forgive her since the guy deceived her and maybe arrest the so called ex to explain what he did to her drink and how she fell pregnant after having a drink with him”.

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