Understanding the Basics of Statarea (how to make $100 monthly for free)


Understanding the basics of Statarea is the easiest thing you could ever imagine.

Recently, I posted a post on How to make $100 monthly for free predicting football on Statarea. I know if you read the post, you would have known it’s possible to make such an amount for free.

Have you checked on the site and don’t understand how it works??? Don’t you worry, this post will enlighten you on the basis of Statarea, in other words, how Statarea works. Let’s get going…

Understanding The Basics of Statarea.

Statarea is a very easy website to understand and navigate through. Maybe you don’t still understand how to participate in their Monthly Leaderboard and Price, the following topics will make you understand.

1. Homepage.

Understanding the basics of Statarea

For sure, every website has its own Homepage where you find the navigation buttons to other pages. The Homepage of Statarea consists of their Top 10 prediction for the day and also, the following menu;

1.1 Predictions

Clicking on the prediction menu on Statarea will take you to the page where you see all the tips for the day. Here also you can make your own votes on any match of your choice or even all the matches, it’s all left for you to choose.


1.2 Expert

The expert menu on statarea football prediction is where you see the profile and tips made by Statarea’s expert, which includes Gabriel Fernandez and John Fayers. Also their winning ratio for the last 7 days is also available.

1.3 Top 10

Top 10 prediction tab on Statarea is their Primary Homepage when you Login to the site. Here you find their top 10 prediction for the day.

1.4 Livescore

Almost every punter understands what livescore means. With this menu, you check all the scores available for the day without having to leave the site.

1.5 Top Users

Top users menu on Statarea also represent the Leaderboard section. Here you find the current leaders for the week and for the month.

1.6 Custom Prediction

The custom prediction menu gives you the room to make likely prediction on matches you believe can never come to pass, example is Real Madrid Vs Manchester United U23.

Everybody knows that, Real Madrid can never be matched against Manchester United U23 team, but custom prediction on Statarea gives you room to match them and see likely results.

2. Understanding prediction area and How to use Statarea’s stats.

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Prediction area, also prediction menu as I said above contains all the tips for the day.

As you can see from image above, their are some segments you might wonder what it means. Below, I will explain all.

2.1 Tip

This is what Statarea believes can be the likely outcome for the selected match. It comes in 1, X, 2, 1X, X2 or 12 as the case may be. All these are common options we played in our betting tickets

Meaning of the above options

1 means Home Win

X means Draw

2 means Away win

1X means Home Win or Draw (Double Chance)

X2 means Away Win or Draw (Double Chance)

12 means Either Home or Away Win (Double Chance)

2.2 Agreement and Disagreement

This is the button next to Tip. The green 👍 means “I agree with your prediction” while the red 👎 means “I disagree with your prediction” this allows you to know other users mind.

2.3 Percentage

The Percentage widget shows users to which percent a option is likely to be expected. This cover the Full Time and Half Time Winning and Draw option for both Home and Away, also it covers the possible goals options, e.g, 1.5, 2.5 and others. It also shows the percent of Both Teams Scoring and Only one Team Scoring.

2.4 Your Prediction

Here, you see three options in the likes of 1,X, and 2. Picking one of them when you are logged in automatically register it as your vote, correctly picking the right option gives you more points to become the No 1 for the month and scoop your $100.

2.5 The list-like heading

This contains the

  • Comment, where you post your thoughts on the match or read what other users say
  • Odds, contains the present odds rendered by their selected bookie
  • Info, where you see teams forms, recent matches, head to head and table

3. How to make prediction and Participate for Weekly Badge or Monthly Reward

No more explanation to be made here. Because the most needed is made at subtopic 2.4. Log in, and follow Subtopic 2.4 to participate.

4. Checking Leaderboard for the present Week and Month

understanding the basics of statarea,how to make prediction and participate in weekly badge or monthly reward,how to make $100 monthly for free predicting football players,statarea,top 10 prediction

To check your position for the present week or month,

  • Log in to the site
  • Locate the “Account” menu
  • Click on “My Activity
  • Below, you see the current and past Leaderboard

Your position is always painted yellow with your points placed at the front.

By now, I believe you have what it takes to surf freely on Statarea. Did you still get confused, hit the Comment Box, and I will reply ASAP.




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